IS RustConverter

IS RustConverter

Product description

RustConverter is a primer to be used directly on rusty surfaces of iron and iron alloys. RustConverter reacts with rust and creates a black, stable surface which encapsulates the rust and prevents it from spreading. RustConverter must be coated subsequently. Only apply RustConverter on rusty areas. Water-based. Makes the surface more resistant to moisture. Protects against further corrosion. Use on Rusty surfaces of: Iron, Iron alloys.


Blue, turbid liquid

Application details

The temperature must be between 8° C and 30° C and relative humidity <85 % RH.

Application method

Brush, roller or airless, nozzles 19 – 21, 180 - 200 bar. Often, one treatment will suffice, but sometimes several layers are necessary to ensure that the area is totally covered. Always make a test coat to ensure the compatibility of product and surface. RustConverter must be coated with Metal Primer WB, alternatively Isoxyde or Metal OneCoat, to obtain corrosion protection.

Technical data

Gloss NA

Spreading rate 10 m²/l

Drying time The drying time for wet layer thickness 200 µm 20° C / 65 % RH: Touchdry after ~30 minutes. Recoatable after ~4 hours. Fully cured after ~24 hours. The drying time and time for recoating depend on layer thickness, temperature, relative air humidity, and air circulation

Pretreatment/cleaning Remove all loose rust with a stiff brush, scraper or the like, and clean the surface from grease and other contamination. It is preferable to use high-pressure and Iso A-Clean. Use Universal Cleaner to remove grease and oil.

Environment Avoid spillage into drains, water systems and soil. Destroy liquid waste according to the local regulations. Recycle or dispose of empty, dry cans in accordance with local regulations. VOC: Max. 140 g/l (Kat. A/i)


Water-based. Chemically react with rust. Creates a black, stable surface which encapsulates the rust and prevents it from spreading. Makes the surface more resistant to moisture. To be coated subsequently.