IS Metal Primer WB

IS Metal Primer WB

Product description

Metal Primer is an anticorrosion primer. Water-based. Good adhesion abilities. The primer is suitable for roofs made of iron and old roof plates coated with plastisol. Metal Primer always has to be coated with Isonit or Rubber, subsequently.


Light grey

Application details

The temperature must be between 8° C and 30° C and relative humidity <85 % RH.

Application method

Brush, roller or airless, nozzles 19 – 21, 180 - 220 bar. Always make a test coat to ensure the compatibility of product and surface.

Technical data

Gloss -

Spreading rate 7,5 - 8,5 m²/l

Drying time The drying time for wet layer thickness 120 µm 20° C / 65 % RH: Recoatable after ~2 hours. The time for recoating depend on layer thickness, temperature, relative air humidity, and air circulation

Pretreatment/cleaning Clean surfaces with high-pressure sluicing water, possibly combined with Universal Cleaner in order to remove oil and grease. Treat corroded surfaces with RustConverter before application. The surface must be clean, dry and durable.

Environment Avoid spillage into drains, water systems and soil. Destroy liquid waste according to the local regulations. Recycle or dispose of empty, dry cans in accordance with local regulations. VOC: Max. 30 g/l (Kat. A/h)


Water-based. Good adhesion abilities.