IS Isoxyde

IS Isoxyde

Product description

Isoxyde is a hydrophobic, water dilutable thick layer paint based on a combination of acrylic and styrene polymers. The product contains corrosion protecting agents. Isoxyde is used as protection against or prevention of corrosion and rust on different materials (see use). The hydrophobic abilities ensure that the coating is resistant to white spots when affected by water. The high content of corrosion protecting pigments ensures an effective protection against corrosion. Isoxyde can be applied with a layer thickness of up to 400 µm without any risk of running paint. It cures fully within short time and it is very elastic ensuring that it will not crack when applied in high layer thicknesses. Isoxyde are used on the following materials: Iron, aluminium, zinc, galvanized surfaces, plastisol plates, polyester, alkyd surfaces. Isoxyde can also be used as a primer. Isoxyde can be coated with e.g. Isonit.


Standard colours: Black, anthracite grey dark, light grey, Swedish red, dark brown and white. Other colours are available on demand.

Application details

The temperature must be between 8° C and 30° C and relative humidity <85 % RH.

Application method

Brush, roller or airless, nozzles 19 – 21, 180 - 220 bar. To ensure the optimum layer thickness, we recommend to apply the paint in two layers. Always make a test coat to ensure the compatibility of product and surface.

Technical data

Gloss 8–10

Spreading rate 2,5 - 5 m²/l

Drying time The drying time for wet layer thickness 200 µm 20° C / 65 % RH: Touchdry after ~3 hours. Recoatable after min. 6 hours. Fully cured after ~48 hours. The drying time and time for recoating depend on layer thickness, temperature, relative air humidity, and air circulation

Pretreatment/cleaning Clean previously painted surfaces with high-pressure sluicing hot water, possibly combined with Universal Cleaner in order to remove oil and grease. If Isoxyde is used on galvanized steel, the surface must be polished and cleaned before application. Treat corroded surfaces with RustConverter before application. The surface must be clean, dry, and durable.

Environment VOC: Max. 130 g/l (Kat. A/d)


Water-based. Prevents corrosion and rust effectively. Easy to apply. High covering strength. Good flow and levelling properties. Resistant to white spots when affected by water. Outstanding chemical resistance. Weather stable – freeze-thaw resistant. Applicable in layer thicknesses up to 400 µm. Cures fully within short time. Very elastic.

This product is available in the following standard colours:

Please note that the colours below are digital colours and, therefore, are intended as a guide only. If you are in doubt about a colour, we advise you to make a test coat of the colour concerned.

Black NCS S9000-N


Anthracite grey dark NCS S8502-B


Light grey NCS S2502-B


Swedish red NCS S6030-Y80R


Dark brown


White NCS S0500-N