About us

Iso Paint develops, produces and markets solutions for the surface treatment of roofs, paving stones, facades, etc. and we are known for climate active coatings, among other things. It is our aim to be the preferred supplier providing the best service and the widest product range. At the same time, it is our ambition to set the quality standard in our sector without compromising on neither environmental nor health related standards.

In order to be groundbreaking in our field all the time, our products and solutions are based on scientific and application-oriented research, and we co-operate with some of the market’s leading suppliers, distributors, and roof contractors.

Iso Paint is a part of the Tikkurila Group.

About the Tikkurila Group

Tikkurila is a Nordic paint company whose products are manufactured of carefully chosen raw materials that meet the highest quality standards. Tikkurila's vision is to create surfaces that make a difference.

Tikkurila's largest markets are Sweden, Russia, Finland, Poland and the Baltic countries. We have production in eight countries and are the leading decorative paint company in all main markets. On the whole, Tikkurila products are available in more than 40 countries.

A dedicated community of professionals

Beyond being a paint company we are a community of 3000 talented professionals - skilled individualists, equipped with an understanding of aesthetics and an affinity for sustainability. We share the same values and joy of building a vivid future through surfaces that make a difference.

Nordic quality from start to finish since 1862

With expertise that spans from decades, we develop premium products and services that provide our customers with quality that will stand the test of time and weather. We embrace our market leading brands and pride ourselves on innovation that is rooted in tradition but looks far into the future.

Sustainable Nordicness

We have been innovating since our humble beginnings. We aim to lead the market with industry-changing and sustainable solutions that are safe for us as well as our environment, and strive to know our customers like the back of our hands.

In 2017, our turnover totalled EUR 582 milion. The company is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

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